About Us

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide each client the highest level of integrity and satisfaction in every aspect and phase of our relationships. Customer
satisfaction is a result of EXF’s Values.

EXF’s Values:

  1. Integrity is our reputation! Executive Financial is committed to impeccable standards in business ethics and operations.
  2. Respect: Ensuring all clients and customers are treated with dignity and genuine concern regarding each and every communication.
  3. Compassion: Treat each communication with empathy, fairness and a sense of direction in order to help bring resolution through effort and mutual understanding to the circumstance.
  4. Excellence: Constantly changing and striving for the highest standards at each level of the organization in order to maximize performance and returns.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Professional, courteous, prompt and reliant interactions, combined with excellent financial results, ensure long term successful business relationships.

EXF’s Goals:

Our Goal is to become #1 in any competitive situation. Executive Financial wants to be the company that you rely on to enhance your cash flow, drive your competition, and ultimately maximize “the bottom line.”

EXF’s Debt Collection Objectives

Our Objective is to identify as quickly as possible all problematic and
uncollectible accounts through scoring, scrubbing and data analysis. Using time tested procedures, combined with current best practices, allows EXF to concentrate specifically on accounts that have the greatest potential to be collected in order to generate the highest returns (Dollars!).

Most successful collection agencies have similar products when it comes to computers and software; from auto-dialers to interactive voice response (IVR); websites that are interactive and virtual as well as offshore outsourcing in every aspect of the collection industry.

What separate’s Executive Financial Company from our competition are the techniques we use to empower our employees with. Executive Financial Company has nearly 75 years of medical, financial and commercial receivables recovery management experience. It’s mandatory each and every employee is knowledgeable and continuously trained in industry regulations and all areas of the collection industry, as it pertains to their position in the company and the receivable management industry.

Strong IT support, state of the art equipment, expert legal knowledge, combined with Executive Financial’s unique psychological approach in the liquidation of receivables; gives us the advantage and drives us to be second to none.

Our Clients Guarantee:


Executive Financial will out collect the competition and increase lost cash flow.      Period. No Collection, No Charge
Some restrictions may apply.
-See Client-tab for rates.